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Hi! Thanks for allowing me to wander in and experience, at the platonic level, the fascinating philosophical discussions that are part of this community. I don't know how much new insight I'll bring, but I look forward to experiencing the experiment, as it were.

I've studied philosophy and comparative theology. I've had teachers that run the gamut from Benedictine monks to Crowley practitioners. From all of them, I've been able to find a grain of truth, a spark of light that illuminates the human condition and our relationship to the universe and the chaos which surround us. I recently began a series of discussions about Mandaeanism with a student of the faith in Iraq, but have lost touch with him as hostilities progress and the standard of living declines, removing his ability to find internet access. I hope to find him again, and continue our discussions about pre-Christian, duality based Gnosticism.

I am fascinated by folklore, mythology and "fairy tales", in that I think the gleanings of how a culture actually thinks and relates to the world can often be found buried in what they teach their children. I'm most familiar with the Roman, Greek, and American Indian tales, but welcome any suggestions that members would like to share.

I anticipate that I will primarily be a silent observer, until I have a better feel for the community and the people, both out of the respect of not making waves in someone else's pond, but also so as to avoid making a fool of myself. :)

I am new to LiveJournal, and so if anyone has suggestions for communities, I welcome them, and I welcome new friends. Thank you again for allowing me to participate. I look forward to our future discourses.
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