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Hi. I joined this community mostly because of my interest in Philip K. Dick's mystical experiences, (you had me at valis in the userinfo)
also in cyber-[insert object] and pantheism/panentheism (especially in the philosophy/magic of Giordano Bruno). I'm very interested in the spiritual dimensions of cyberspace, but in a qualified way .shorthand for this would be to reference Hakim Bey's critique of the danger of escapism etc. in attempts to glamorize "cyber gnosis" (which I have mixed feelings about, but that's sorta the point... it's funny)

much of my background in technofetishist mysticism comes from SF (esp. pkd and dune) and psychedelia
(Terence McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, John Lilly)
I do a "psychedelic links" here that details these "travels"

I'm an MA student in "art and religion," specializing in Kabbalah and Neoplatonism, trying to figure out how to situate myself in the relatively new academic discipline of the study of "western esotericism"(as theorized by Faivre, Hanegraaff, Versluis, etc.), as well as personally being a mystic of sorts (it's not just my job!). last semester I taught a course on Alchemical Art at the Unitarian seminary in Berkeley, CA that I am affiliated with. the course has a web presence here

right now I'm working on two papers. one about the alchemical wedding, ethics and gender, in the context of Levinas' metaphor of "the allergy to the other," the other [paper] on the influence of pseudo dionysius on christian and postchristian/neopagan [magical] cabala. do drop me a line if you have anything to say about these topics

finally, I do an "esoteric/mystical studies" linksite which is about to get massively overhauled
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