gemmagic (gemmagic) wrote in cyberpanentheos,

Intro Post

Greetings, I am Gemma, a 21 year old human female from Queensland, Australia. I basically wanted to join because I am interested in things like chaos theory, chaos magic, physics, metaphysics, religion, psychic phenomena, spirituality, science and all the different ideas that are out there on life, the universe and everything. I can't say for sure which of the tenets of this community I agree and disagree with, as I haven't ever thought about or considered all of them. I am hoping that the discussions and posts on this community will help me open my mind about these things, and in time (once I have tested the waters) I hope to contribute something to the discussions on here and hopefully start some new cyber friendships. So thank you for letting me join, and I looking forward to getting to read all of the posts and comments. :)
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