adamantas (adamantas) wrote in cyberpanentheos,


Thought for the day:

The size of the observable universe is around 10 ^ 27 metres.

The size of an atom is around 10 ^ -11 metres.

This means we are roughly TEN MILLION BILLION TIMES CLOSER TO THE SIZE OF ATOMS than we are to the scale of the universe.

In other words, our lives, our relationships, our cities, our empires, our solar system... may as well be minor quantum ripples in the electron shell of a Helium atom.

The point is both to remind us to be humble, and also to make us reasses our self-importance: given that objectively we may as well be fucking atoms, maybe some respect should be given to smaller objects than ourselves - in particular, maybe it would be a good idea not to assume (as most of us do, no matter what we preach) that bacteria, molecules, atoms, quarks and gluons etc do not have consciousnesses.
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