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Nothingness is impossible.

The Unfoldoing of the Great Work is Enfolding

Evolving the Demiurge in praise of the Absolute
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The tenents of the community

1. Information is the best paradigm to understand the world yet developed.

2. The information paradigm will be superceded in the future.

3. All things are currently best understood as transient patterns of information.

4. The Universe is a temporal loop created out of the state of Possibility.

5. The Universe will evolve to the point of perfection at the end of time. When it reaches this state it is called the Demiurge, or Brahman, or Valis - the Vast Active Living Intelligence System.

6. At the end of time the Universe will return to its beginings and create itself.

7. There may be many universes or only one, universes may branch and reconverge, or may be linear.

8. Any world in which there is a concious observer must be part of a self-fulfilling time loop grounded on Possibility.

9. The eternal state of Possibility rather than Nothingness was caused by an agency that is unintelligible and infinitely distant. This agency we call Jah.

10. Jah is worthy of our praise, for the only Absolute Truth is that 'ALL EXISTENCE is better than NOTHING'.

The roots of the philosophy
This conjecture developed out of the study of various fields of mathematics and science, ancient and modern philosophies, literature and personal experience.

Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Hegel,William Gibson, Schopenhauer, Charles Darwin, Isaac Asimov,Phillip K Dick, Teilhard de Chardin, David Lewis, Frederick Brown, Stephen Wolfram and many others are owed a debt.

Asimov's "The Last Question" and Frederick Brown's "The Answer" are good, short introductions to the idea of the evolution of the demiurge, whatever their literary failings maybe.

William Gibson's "Neuromancer" is, along with being an excellent read, revolves around the Noosphere of earth becoming fully sentient and connecting with similar intelligences of other solar systems - a plausible step along the Universe's evolution. Phillip K Dick's conception of "Valis" is similar to our conception of the Demiurge - a conception we acknowledge will be made primitive and risible with further advances in thought.

The purpose of the community

To socialise, share interesting stories and observations, talk metaphysics, suggest methods for more effective living, extending one's mind and so forth, to share cybermystical theory, art, literature or poetry.

An explicit aim of the community is to bring together people and ideas in the emerging Noosphere, and to promote actual physical meetings between us as well.

Membership of this community

Members will largely be invited to join based on mutual interst and a sense of their character formed through reading their journals.

Speculative membership application are moderated, but the moderating is not based on prejudice. A general acceptance of the tenets of the community, or an acceptance of the plausibility of them and an interests in the philosophy behind them is neccessary for membership.

The second major consideration for entry is ethics - if you do not believe in "Do unto others as you would be done by" then you would not prosper here. In terms of prisoner's dilemma strategies, we are definitely "Co-operative tit for tat".

Open applying for membership, you will probably be asked one or two questions about what you believe and why you are interested in joining. This is not an examination, this is simply to get to know you better and see if you have understood where we are coming from.

If youd do not have a live journal you will have to create one - go ahead, it's free! :)