Perhaps....... (tabat) wrote in cyberpanentheos,

what comfort

Upon the end of this year I hide within the confides of my house, my temple. Renewing the awakening for the coming of a new and prosperous year. I fell as though the year that is passing away has been harsh and full of terrors and self realization. But as once said before, to ascend, one must fully descend to see how far the ascension shall be. Everything has happened for a reason in my world, and for that I am great full. I must let go of regrets and negative fallings, for I will not let the tormentors of my soul or spirit win. I have already won......hummmmm I wish awakening to those true souls who are needed for this upcoming New Year to regain their sight of what is....hum.......
anyways, as the universe vibrates a sound into every fiber of my being and makeup, I will continue my self proclaimed awakening and healing in my own little cocoon, to who or where I am.. But I speak in riddles to those confused, as always a poet does
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